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How To Spot An Unreliable Brain Injury Compensation Lawyer

Hiring a brain injury compensation lawyers is necessary if the damages were caused due to the negligence of another party. Every lawyer out there is not qualified to handle this type of case. If you notice any of the following signs, you should certainly look for a different person to represent you.

They Never Return Calls

This is a sure sign that you are dealing with an unreliable brain injury compensation lawyer. As most people know, lawyers are extremely busy and cannot answer phone calls right away. With that said, they should respond in a reasonable amount of time. Ideally, they should return your call in a day or two. Anything longer than that and you should start to doubt their dedication to your case.

You should consider this from the very first point of contact. When you call them to inquire about services, it should not take them an excessive amount of time to respond. If it does, this is an indication of what type of treatment you can expect in the future.

Settling Is A Must

One thing that signifies a lawyer is probably not the most reliable is being in a rush to accept a settlement. There are some cases when it would be in your best interest to settle, but there are others where you would be better off going to trial. If you notice that your lawyer seems to be hell-bent on staying out of the courtroom, you should be concerned.

They Just Started

This may seem like an awful way to judge someone, but you should pay very close attention. There are probably many competent lawyers out there who started recently, but they have not yet had the chance to prove themselves. Until they have more experience, there is no way for you to gauge how good they are at what they do. As a result, you should steer clear of them and look for someone with more experience. You do not want to be the test case that someone uses to get their feet wet.

Dishonesty Is A Given

When you walk into a courtroom, some judges are able to smell a lie right away. This is why honesty is the best policy in most cases. While you should not randomly mention things that can damage your case, you should certainly be forthcoming when you are asked about the events leading up to your injury. If you are dishonest and the judge catches on, they will throw the case out immediately since they will no longer be able to trust anything that you have to say.

It is not always easy to find great legal help when you need it. If your goal is to find a solid, reliable lawyer, you should stay far away from anyone who exhibits the behaviors mentioned here. Ignoring this advice means you may end up with an attorney you are not able to forge a solid relationship with, and that is a huge negative if you expect to do well in court.


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