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What Is A Guided Meditation?

The phrase guided meditation reveals the meaning and purpose of this kind of meditation. It has a guide that leads us through the whole process of meditation while we listen its audio recording. Also, we can listen it within a meditation group.

These meditations are suitable for everyone, from the absolute beginner to the most experienced meditator. The main reason for this is that they need no effort, previous knowledge or certain preparations. Also, while we listen them our imagination can run free without any restrictions. We will experience them in our most unique way even when we follow someone elses guidance. This is because they are full of visualisations, pleasant and accompanying sounds, careful words transitions and slower reading rate that have a profound effect on our senses, body, mind and consciousness.

Visualisations are very important parts of the guided meditation because our minds can create the new worlds of images where everything is possible. Our imagination becomes our canvas and we are the painters of our own creations. They can be colourful, black and white, happy, sad, inspiring, questioning, peaceful, healing and so on. The whole process of it can lead us to our physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual well-being. At the same we can experience a deep relaxation and powerful insight into our own success. On the other hand, we can release various blockages, grow in so many ways and see a much bigger picture.

In 3this meditation we can easily imagine the waterfall, its water falling down on our body and its purifying effect on our chakras as well. We experience its chillness and cleansing energy through every part of our body. The force of the waterfall becomes more vivid to our whole imagination when the sounds of its waters go along with the guided imagery. The entire detailed, gentle and non-intrusive way of representing the ideas flows with the natural and healing sounds. As the body relaxes, mind does it, too.

Some guided meditations have the positive affirmations, symbolic or unusual expressions. Positive affirmations have the great impact on our subconscious mind, because we are usually unaware of the power of the words we utter on a daily basis. Words are the energy and we can choose where to direct them towards negativity or positivity. The use of these mentioned things is to explore deeper our whole being by digging deeper under the surface of a restless mind, seeing beyond the limits of our physical existence and finding our true authenticity and potential.

Unusual guided meditations are very powerful because they lead our mind to think in a non-hermetic way. It can lead us to our burried, inner wealth we werent aware of before.


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