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Preparing Your Family For Disasters, Part 2

How can you create a worthy disaster kit for your family?

In our previous discussion, we talked about the two essential parts of a disaster kit: food and water.

We learned that stocked food for disasters and other emergency situations should be nutritious, high in calories (for obvious reasons) and can easily be stored with minimal chance of spoilage.

In today's blog post, we're going to continue our exploration of the modern disaster kit by outlining some essential guidelines for storing food and producing drinkable water during emergencies.

How can you keep emergency food fresh and safe?

Sadly, good food was meant by Mother Nature to "go bad" fairly quickly. Luckily, we have more than one option for survival food.

Fresh food will obviously be of limited use during the prolonged aftermath of a disaster , so we're essentially limited to dried/preserved food and sealed commercial food products.

Here are some expert tips to keep your food stash edible, clean and most importantly, safe:

1. Emergency food doesn't have to be placed in a plastic box along with other disaster supplies. You can put them in an elevated shelf where the food will be relatively cool and far from direct sunlight.

2. Food should never be stored in open containers, plates or bowls. All emergency food should be stored in closed containers such as zip-lock bags and plastic canisters with tight covers. You can also use glass jars with screwed-on covers (e.g. mason jars of different sizes).

3. Containers such as boxes, foil packs and jars should be opened as neatly and carefully as possible so you can reclose them easily. During a disaster, exposed food can be a hotbed of bacteria and disease. Keep your food safe!

4. Left-over food can be kept safe from contamination by wrapping them tightly in clear plastic. Place these wrapped parcels in plastic containers with lids or covers.

5. Dry food and ingredients such table sugar, salt, nuts and grains should be removed from their foil or plastic packets and transferred to larger and more durable containers with covers. In the event that you don't have larger containers, refer to guideline # 3.

6. Basic inspection should be carried out before consuming food from an emergency stash. Use your sight and smell to determine the freshness of food if no expiration date is indicated.

7. Food in disaster kits should be replaced periodically, preferably every half year. This will ensure that 100% of the food in your disaster kit will be usable when an actual emergency occurs.

8. Add one bottle of multivitamins to your food stash to ensure that your family will have adequate trace nutrients during a prolonged evacuation or separation from your home.

9. Rationing food is necessary to prolong scarce food supplies. To prevent fatigue and sickness, each member should have at least one full meal with plenty of calories every day. Smaller meals may be rationed as activity winds down toward the evening.

How can you produce clean, drinking water during an emergency?

During disasters, people use up more energy due to the extra physical activities that need to be carried out (e.g. evacuation, setting up temporary shelters, etc.) Regular hydration will become an immediate concern as we cannot survive for long without clean, drinkable water.

Below are some basic reminders when attempting to produce clean water:

1. During times of disaster, no single emergency procedure can produce completely clean water.

Keep that in mind when you drink water that's been disinfected or purified - there's going to be some bacteria and maybe sediments left in your water. This is not something to be afraid of but rather, it's a reality that we should all be prepared to face.

2. If you have access to running water but are unsure if any of existing plumbing has been damaged, you may try boiling water to kill most of the bacteria that can cause diarrhea and other water-borne illnesses.

Bacteria does not remove solid sediments such as soil from water so if there are visible contaminants, be sure to filter the water with several layers of cloth before boiling.

3. Another method of purifying water is through distillation. Pour water into a pot and place the cover upside down, with a cup hanging from the handle of the pot. Evaporated water will eventually distill and drop back into the cup. Larger contaminants will not be able to evaporate along with the water.

4. Unscented bleach may also be used to disinfect water if no other purifying method is available. Instructions for water purification using bleach tend to vary from manual to manual.

The average quantity of bleach needed is about 15 drops for every 1 gallon of water.

Let the bleach perform its work for one hour before inspecting the water. If the water doesn't smell slightly of bleach, you may have to disinfect again with half as much bleach for another half hour before you can safely consume the water.

The Best Vitamins For Your Skin

When it comes to beauty, a clear and healthy skin is what matters the most. Unfortunately, keeping the skin healthy is not as easy as it may sound. The most difficult part of it is finding out what vitamins are good for skin and where can you get them from.

To answer the question, let us first go through some of the vitamins that are essential for a healthy skin.

Vitamin C

The deficiency of Vitamin C in your body can lead to dark spots and wrinkles on your skin. The most common factor of lack of this vitamin is inadequate or unhealthy diet. Furthermore, things like smoking can hinder the absorption of this vitamin. 

Vitamin C happens to be one of the most vital vitamins for your skin. This is the reason why it is also the most common element found in skin products. This vitamin is one of the best when it comes to protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. In addition to that, vitamin C also plays a great role in improving skin texture, preventing discoloration, healing damaged tissues over it, and increasing its elasticity, ultimately leading to a healthier skin.

Vitamin B-3

Vitamin B-3 is another important vitamin for a healthy skin. It is one of the most effective topical vitamins of all. Vitamin B-3 is made up of two key enzymes that help your skin to effectively decelerate the process of aging. Using this vitamin on your skin not only helps in rejuvenating it, but also stores the key enzymes to help lessen their deficiency.

This consequently helps in reducing several other skin issues including acne, redness caused over the skin due to rosacea, and inflammation etc. Furthermore, vitamin B-3 also assists in protection against oxidative skin damaged.

Vitamin A

One of the most underestimated vitamins while talking about a healthier skin is Vitamin A. This is a crucial vitamin which offers a large range of different benefits to keep your skin in the pink. To start off, it helps in thickening the dermis of your skin, allowing the blood vessels to have an increased blood flow. This in turn results in the reduction of wrinkles. Vitamin A deposits amounts of collagen into the skin helping it to slow the process of aging.

Vitamin A also allows easing the healing process of the skin. In addition to that, it assists in repairing the cell-structure damage by exposure to sun. It further removes melanin granule clusters which are responsible for the brown spots that occur over your skin.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is one of the many vitamins that are required by your entire body to function properly. When it comes to the skin, it is the best vitamin to reduce the saggy skin and aging wrinkles. It also plays a big role in maintaining the elasticity of the skin that makes it ripe.

It’s not a question of what vitamins are good for skin, but a question of how to cater their intake. The simplest way to do that is by taking the multivitamin supplements that are available in the market. These supplements allow you to balance your body’s vitamin levels as required.


Hearing Aid Buyer's Guide

There are a number of things to consider when buy a hearing aid; chief among them are which type of hearing aid you need and what it will cost.

Here are the main types of hearing aids currently available on the market:

Behind-the-Ear-Hearing Aid - These are commonly called BTE, but can go under other names such as RIC (Receiver-in-the-Canal). As the name implies, this type of device fits behind the ear of the wearer and they use an earmold to connect to the ear. This design is great for people with mild to moderate hearing loss and is barely detectable unless looking directly at the back of the persons head. Can also accommodate high tech features many consumers want such as telecoils and the ability to connect wirelessly to Bluetooth devices.

In-the-Ear-Hearing Aid - Commonly known as ITE. This is probably what most people picture when they think of old school style hearing aids. These completely take up the ear canal and are very visible. They can be good for buyers, though, because they are easy to take in and out and leave a lot of room for tech features.

In-the-Canal-Hearing Aid - Also referred to as ITC. Very small yet easy for most people to get in and out, and also hardly noticeable once inside the ear. Downsides can be wax buildup and moisture issues and the smaller size can make it difficult for this design to have many features.

Completely-in-the-Canal - Called CIC in the industry, this is the tiniest model. It's all but invisible when placed into the ear canal, so it's great for people who are most concerned about others knowing that they wear hearing aids and are worried about vanity. Unfortunately, due to the fact that this design is extremely small, they can be hard to insert and remove for some people, especially those with arthritis. Cons are wax and moisture issues, much like the ITE not many features can be fit into the compact size, so some important features like directional microphones are not available. Battery life is also an issue, because the very small batteries don't last long.

A hearing test will let you know what your level of hearing loss is which will go a long way toward determining which hearing aid design is correct for you. For example, if you have a severe loss, you are going to want to go with a BTE model because it will provide the amplification you need. If you have a mild loss and you don't care about lots of bells and whistles such as those found on Bluetooth hearing aids you just primarily want something that will increase quiet sounds and decrease loud ones - a CIC model will probably be fine and also save you a good bit of money.

High Blood Pressure Devices

The silent killer. That is the thing that hypertension, or high blood pressure, is prevalently known for. In the United States, one in three people has high blood pressure. However, they are hardly mindful of it unless the most fundamental body organs get to be influenced. That does not assess the other 30 million American grown-ups who have marginal blood pressure levels. Say your cheers to our moment yet an insalubrious fast food lifestyle. High blood pressure happens when the push of the blood stream against the blood vessel divider increments. The more it is left untreated, the more awful the damage that can happen. Be that as it may since it once in a while has indications, the adage, An ounce of counteractive action is superior to a pound of cure applies absolutely for hypertension.

As a regularly manifestation less condition, high blood pressure ought to be every now and again observed for you to have the capacity to keep ordinary blood pressure levels. There are, however, a couple cautioning signs that regularly happen in numerous individuals who have high blood pressure. Discombobulation and tipsiness are some of these signs. This is clarified by the blood experiencing difficulty heading out to the mind on account of choked supply routes or blockages in the way. Spewing and queasiness, and also cerebral pains and shortness of breath, may likewise be an indication of high blood pressure. However, they can likewise show different conditions.

Specialists can't find an exact explanation behind high blood pressure, yet most researchers concur that it happens as an impact of different danger elements, for example, deficient physical activity, a saddling lifestyle, poor sustenance, and utilization of liquor and tobacco items. Corpulence and high salt ingestion are additionally known not accommodating patrons to hypertension. A few solutions, for example, those taken to assuage asthma and the regular colds, build blood pressure, and additionally anti-conception medication cases and medications that ease the manifestations of menopause.

If left unattended, hypertension can turn into a conceivably terminal condition. As the blood pressure rises, the harm to the blood vessels declines and the heart is constrained to work quicker and all the more intensely to adjust. Continuously, the heart tissues additionally get to be depleted, which can bring about a heart disappointment. The heart is by all account not the only organ changed by hypertension. The cerebrum cells can likewise die, realizing a stroke that can disable a man for his whole life, inside minutes of not having enough oxygenated blood. The kidneys can likewise be genuinely influenced, as they have blood vessels making a trip to and from them, as well. If the supply routes in the kidneys get to be congested, the kidneys stop to accomplish their motivation of sifting through the toxic substances from the blood. This again expands blood pressure that further convolutes the kidneys condition. It's a dreadful cycle, and once the kidneys get to be harmed, a kidney transplant is not improbable.

A standard checkup at the specialist's office frequently incorporates your specialist measuring your blood pressure. If your specialist finds the requirement for it, he may prescribe that you purchase your blood pressure checking gadget with the goal that you can watch your blood pressure at home. This is frequently exhorted for individuals in the later phases of their life since hypertension ordinarily gets to be clear as individuals slip into their later years. A few blood pressure observing devices are accessible. You can take your pick from a colossal exhibit of devices, and there are one of a kind sorts of devices. High blood pressure devices are programmed screens, and manual auto blows up screens. There are additionally the antiquated aneroid devices that utilization a sphygmomanometer and a stethoscope. The most prevalent are the upper arm devices, which are likewise the most exact, yet wrist devices and much finger devices have been circulated into the business sector.

To take your blood pressure understanding, you ought to ensure that you are completely refreshed. Specialists say you ought to dismiss the essential understanding you bring with a shiny new blood pressure screen in light of the fact that the uneasiness that accompanies working another electronic gadget surprisingly may build your blood pressure a bit. Stay away from beverages with caffeine or liquor in them, and also cigarettes or other tobacco items, thirty minutes before taking a seat to take your blood pressure perusing. When you wrap the sleeve around your arm, ensure that it is parallel to your heart. This promises you will get a precise perusing.

Advanced blood pressure screens utilize the oscillatory strategy for distinguishing blood pressure, which depends on identifying the throbs of the blood as the pressure is discharged. Other observing devices, for example, the customary aneroid devices, work through the auscultation technique, where you need to look out for the Korotkoff sounds, or the surging or crashing sound of the blood as the pressure on the arm is bit by bit let go of and the blood is made to move through the courses at the end of the day.

Alterations in lifestyle practices are an ideal approach to avoid high blood pressure. You should keep up a solid watch over your body, ensuring that you don't wind up being large. This is difficult and torment free, particularly when a drive-through offering lip smacking oil filled dinners is constantly just around the twist. Be that as it may, you can counterbalance the start of hypertension by keeping your weight at a sound level. Practicing for no less than 30 minutes every day and eating an all around adjusted eating regimen are the keys to maintaining ordinary body weight. Stress decrease strategies are additionally extremely useful, the same number of instances of hypertension are likewise brought about by our quick paced, upsetting, present day lifestyles.

How Men Can Actively Change Themselves To Meet Their Goals

Life is not always fair. Physical challenges from a debilitating accident, a failed relationship, complicated family dynamics, academic failure, and losing a good job, can frustrate a man. He may think there is no charm left for him in living and wonder why other people are happy while he is not.

There is the flip side, a hardworking and dedicated man has toiled to achieve his goals, and now that he has reached where he wanted to, hes lost. He doesnt know what the next step is. While success is heady, it leaves a man without a sense of purpose.

Both the above situations sound hopeless for the person experiencing them. If a man wants to live a full life enjoy every moment of it then he needs to have the motivation to actively change himself.

Here are a few pointers how a person can actively change himself to reach his set goals.

Setting the goal: The first step towards achieving any goal is to set the goal itself. The goal must be well defined. It could be personal, academic or career related.

Keep expectations real: The man must make sure to set realistic goal.Whether it is a short term goal or a long term goal, it must have a definite end.

Be accommodative to risks and criticisms: The person should be very open to any improvement and any criticism and advise from an outside source that he can depend on. It could be family, a friend or even professional help that he may be seeking.

Playing to his strengths: The person must identify his strengths and weaknesses and must necessarily play to his strength. He must also make sure that he successfully reaches his goals without letting any self doubt affect his work.

Monitoring results continuously and employing newer strategies: The person must continuously do reality checks to assess his progress. He may even devise newer strategies and discard old strategies in order to reach his goal faster and more efficiently.

Using technological tools to effectively move towards the goal: A man may make good use of the technology available today in order to move ahead. Some of the most successful people today are those that have used technology to their best advantage to veer themselves ahead of the others. One can use technology to solve many issues including weight lose, hair restoration and penis enlargement. With penile enlargement only use SG system and make sure you use the sizegenetics instructions.

Create a closed support group: The person may have a support group to fall back on. He may draw inspiration from others and also be an active contributing member himself to inspire others inside and outside his group.

It must always be remembered that success is not an easy game. It is a combination of the persons determination and the overcoming of his shortcomings. In the end, the race is won not by the strongest and the fastest man, but the man who thought he could.